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In general, this area of the law proceeds in an ordinary fashion, provided there is a well-drawn Will that proports to deal fairly with each family member.

However, in circumstances where there may be dysfunction in the family brought about by the personalities of different family members or non-family members brought into the family mix by virtue of marriage or relationship, this may lead to dissension within the family, causing older members to deal in an unexpected manner with their estate. We may also be confronted with a situation whereby a person dies without a Will (intestate). In circumstances such as these which today are all too common, it is wise to have an independent advisor in your corner who is mindful of the law and its practicalities. It is important in this area to be mindful that there may be cost implications if one is to contest the Will under the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act. Particularly in this area, one must preserve an ability often to compromise. You must also bear in mind that this is a particularly emotional and draining area and it is most worthwhile to have sensible and practical guidance and advice from people experienced in this field.

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Wills are designed for the distribution and allocation of a deceased person’s estate. This may include the deceased person’s financial and material assets such as property, financials and the deceased’s prized material possessions. Have you been left out of a Will or inadequately provided for in a Will? The team at Terese Wacyk Legal can help you challenge a Will if you feel you have been unjustly left out of an Estate.

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