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Traditional Values
Modern Approach

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We have a wealth of knowledge &
Experience in a wide range
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Terese Wacyk Legal is a general legal practice led by our fearless leader, Terese Wacyk, as firm principal. Our firm prides itself on having over 50 years of combined legal expertise in all areas of the law, including commercial, inheritance claims and disputes, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, family law, criminal and traffic offences, and wills and estates. We are built on traditional values yet take a modern approach in addressing your legal issues, tailoring strategies specific to your needs. When you walk through the door, you will immediately feel comfortable in the warmth of our friendly team and will know you have found the right solicitors for you.

How Can We Help You?

We are your solution seekers with over 50 years of combined experience. We are here to listen to you, provide you with advice and strategise your solution alongside you.

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We have a wealth of knowledge &
Experience in a wide range
of legal services

We are a family orientated legal practice dedicated to providing you with the highest quality professional legal services. No problem is “too big” or “too small” for us to solve. We pride ourselves on being client-focused and are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you. Our priority is to equip you with the solutions you seek when providing legal advice. We will keep you duly informed throughout the progress of your matter, cutting through the legal jargon and working alongside you every step of the way.

We are here to serve you, with time-honoured principles, to explain the legal process, your rights and entitlements, helping you make an informed decision with respect to your particular legal matter.

Step 1: Initial Consult with Client

At your first appointment, you will meet the Terese Wacyk Legal team. During this appointment, your solicitor will take your initial instructions and ask relevant questions in order to properly understand your matter. At this point, we will ask you to provide us with the relevant documentation and we will provide some preliminary advice.

Step 2: Most Importantly, Formulate a Strategy and Engage with the Other Party

We will liaise will the other party to the dispute and/or their legal representatives to advise that we act on your behalf and set out the nature of the matter in initial correspondence with a view to narrowing the issues in dispute. At this point, we will also request the exchange of relevant matter related documentation, which will help in obtaining further information to prepare to engage with the other side in negotiations.

Step 3: Invite the Other Party to Enter Into Negotiations

After reviewing the relevant documentation, we will together formulate a strategy that effectively achieves the outcome you desire. It is here that we may exchange written offers of settlement and/or encourage the parties to attend an informal settlement conference at our office. In our experience, over 50% of matters resolve at this point. Your matter may be finalised at this point. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

 Step 4: Preparation of Documentation to Issue Proceedings or to Defend Proceedings in the Court

In the event the matter was unable to settle by way of negotiation and/or informal settlement conference, we will obtain your further instructions in relation to issuing proceedings in the relevant Court. Once the documents have been prepared and reviewed by you to your satisfaction, they will be filed in the relevant Court and proceedings will be initiated. We will continue to support and advise you through this process, making it as “painless” as possible. We are here to protect you.

Step 5: Attend Required Court Hearings and Formal Mediation

We will appear on your behalf in Court. At this point, the Court will order that the parties attend a formal settlement conference and/or mediation. During this mediation we will accompany you and advocate your interests in order to reach a compromise between the parties that both can live with. Following the parties reaching an agreement, then a formal Order by the Court is made detailing the parties agreement. In our experience, 90% of matters resolve at this stage.

Step 6: The End of Your Matter

In the event that a settlement has not been reached by this stage, then ordinarily, the matter is listed for trial, where a judge will ultimately determine the outcome of the dispute. However, in our experience, the majority of matters that reach this stage are ultimately settled in the lead up to the trial date by way of ongoing negotiations and the exchange of proposals and offers of settlement.

We pride ourselves on reaching a resolution without the matter usually reaching this stage. We apply our skills to avoid your matter heading to trial, which can ultimately be time-consuming, costly and emotionally draining.

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