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Dispute Resolution

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Our Commercial & Dispute Resolution team can assist with a wide range of commercial, contract and debt-related matters. We pride ourselves on providing timely and tailored solutions to meet the various needs of our clients depending on their particular circumstances and issues.

We can conduct or defend complex litigation proceedings with a keen focus on early settlement of matters (if possible) through informal dispute resolution practices with conferences often conducted in our own offices. Our team collaborates with our clients to provide great advice and legal solutions to complex problems to efficiently and effectively achieve desirable and practical outcomes for our clients.

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Our experience includes matters related to:

• Contract disputes
• Loan agreements;
• Commercial Leases
• Partnership disputes
• Property Related disputes
• Leasing disputes
• Employment law and unfair dismissal claims
• Water Licensing disputes
• Building and Construction Litigation
• Agricultural disputes (a specialty)

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We are your solution seekers with over 50 years of combined experience. We are here to listen to you, provide you with advice and strategise your solution alongside you.

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